Teaching Assessment

Throughout this course we will take time to reflect and discuss what good teaching should look like. As a part of this ongoing discussion, for one class session each of you will be assigned to take notes on and critique my teaching. You will observe and take notes during the class, and then lead your fellow students in a debriefing for the last 10 minutes of class.


As you prepare for this assignment, begin by studying the lesson plan provided. Then, as you observe class on your assigned day, consider the following questions:

  • How do the objectives for this day’s lesson align with the course outcomes and assessments listed in the syllabus?
  • What teaching strategies used help students reach the objectives for this session?
  • What “teacher moves” supported or restricted dialogue, participation, or student involvement?
  • What ideas, approaches, and experiences might you use in your own lesson preparations? What ideas, approaches and experiences might not work as well with middle or high school aged learners?

Take notes as you observe class (on a provided graphic organizer) and be prepared to comment during the end-of-class discussion about your observations (you will lead the class in a debriefing discussion). In addition to your notes, you will write a response to the experience after the debriefing. The first section of your response (about 1/3-1/2 of a double-spaced page) should summarize important issues discussed during the debriefing. The rest of the response should address these questions (at least another page and a half, double-spaced):

  • How did critiquing another teacher influence how you think about your own instruction?
  • What did you find helpful about critiquing your professor and what did you find challenging?
  • How has this experience informed the way you feel about receiving this type of feedback yourself as a professional teacher?

Length and Format

You will take notes during the class period on the provided graphic organizer. Your written response (covering the areas detailed above) will be 2-3 pages (typed, double-spaced). Submit your amended notes on the graphic organizer and the reflection together for full credit.


You should be thoughtful and complete in meeting the requirements discussed on this sheet, and your writing will be evaluated according to its thoughtfulness. While grammar and organization will not be strictly evaluated, issues with either that interfere with meaning will result in a lower grade.


I will provide you with a note-taking sheet, similar to this template (PDF) but with learning goals relevant to your assigned day, to take your notes and record observations on your assigned day. See the schedule on Learning Suite to double-check your assigned day.