UCTE Conference Response

Registration for the Conference

The English department is generously offering to subsidize half the cost of attending the UCTE conference, making your cost $20 rather than $40. However, to take advantage of this, you must follow these steps to register:

  1. Go to the conference registration website (linked here) and select the option for student discounted registration.uctereg
  2. Under the payment options section of the registration page (see image to the right), you need to find the “Show other payment options” link, click it, and then click the “Pay Offline” button. Fill in your information on the screen(s) that follow.
  3. Give $20 payment (check or cash) to Dixie Archibald, our program assistant, in 4168 JFSB.

The Assignment

This is an informal assignment that will be graded holistically for effort and the quality of reflection/connection that you engage in. After attending the conference, you should compose a two-page, double-spaced, response to the experience. Your response should address the items discussed in the next paragraph.

As you attend the conference, take notes in the breakout sessions and keynotes that you attend. Choose two of the sessions/keynotes to focus your comments on and briefly summarize the information from the two sessions. Then, reflect on the experience of attending the conference itself. As you do so, consider all or some of these questions:

  • What did attending this conference teach you or reveal to you about being a teacher?
  • Do you see a thread running through the sessions and keynotes you attended? Are their common concerns or issues that these presentations dealt with that speak to broader issues under scrutiny in ELA teaching today?
  • Why would membership in a professional organization like UCTE (or NCTE) be beneficial to you as a teacher? How might attending conferences like these be important to your professional career?