Literacies for the 21st Century

weblitmapHanging out on Twitter this morning, I ran into an unexpected surprise in the form of this literacy map from the Mozilla organization (the same folks who bring you the Firefox web browser, but I think this comes from a non-profit arm of the company). I’ve never seen this resource before and, although I’ve only had a chance to briefly preview it, I wanted to pass it on to you.

The skills for using the Internet that we loosely group under “web literacy” or “digital literacy” headings are, as you can imagine, increasingly important for students and relevant to our teaching. While all content-area teachers should care about these skills–given that the Internet embraces such a wide range of content itself–it seems most likely that the skills students need are going to be taught in English classrooms.

These outlines from the Mozilla group are pretty much in line with what I’ve seen from¬†other groups, but what you may find most useful on this site are the resources for teaching some of the skills. I’m especially in love with the way Mozilla uses an X-Ray goggles plugin to show students how easy it is to code and manipulate information on a web site.¬†There are plenty of other, active and engaging activities on the site that are worth checking into as well. Mozilla includes in every one of these modules a “Create” component that has kids getting hands-on with the techniques and skills, so I’d think this would be appealing to middle and high school students.


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