Weekly Update, May 2

This was a whirlwind week I think, given all we tried to jam into two days of class. Some reminders of things that you’ll want to keep in mind as we prepare for next week:

  • Continue to think about the keyword you’d like to focus on; we started forming groups on Friday, but remember that all that’s fluid for the next little while. I was excited by the list we started gathering on Friday, as some of the terms you’re interested in looking at (like sexuality and steampunk and bleak lit) are terms that I think really need to be added to the wiki.
  • Your inquiry project proposal is due this week on Wednesday; we’ll talk a bit more about that on Monday, but you’ll want to look over the topics on this site (in the Resources section of the site) for some possible topics. But I think our discussion Friday of the history of young adult literature and even the issues we explored as we interrogated the terms might provide some ideas.

I look forward to hearing on Monday about your experiences immersing yourself in the cultural construct of the teenager. Last semester I watched some of the show “The 100” (on the CW network) as part of my research and was reminded that these actors are older young adults (usually in their early or mid-20s) playing the role of teenagers. And often, as in the case with this show, they’re engaging in some pretty adult behaviors and conflicts. That’s another wrinkle, I think, in our discussion of how media influences our ideas of what it means to be a teen and how the adolescent experience is portrayed.

Finally, for those of you who might have missed our discussion on the history of YAL, or who enjoyed it so much that you’d like some more of it, then here are a couple of links that provide some insights into that history (although they don’t stretch as far back as our discussion did):

Thanks for a great opening week and I am really looking forward to this (sadly, short) term together!


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