I am an assistant professor in English Education at Brigham Young University, where I have been teaching full-time since 2007. Before that, I taught junior high and high school English courses for eleven years. My research interests include any pedagogical issues connected to English or Language Arts teaching, with a focus on digital literacies and grammar instruction. I am also passionate about young adult literature and its role in the classroom.

At BYU, I teach methods courses to pre-service English teachers and supervise student teachers. Each course has content on this site to allow students to engage in dialog outside of class and to collect resources and materials.

English 329: Teaching Grammar in the Secondary Schools
A course in methods for teaching grammar in the secondary schools. In this course, we explore a contextual approach to teaching grammar, advocating that we situate grammar/language instruction in meaningful reading and writing instruction.

English 377/379: Teaching English in the Secondary Schools
This is the capstone course for our English Teaching majors, integrating the content from all of the previous methods courses and providing our majors with a practicum experience in local classrooms.

English 420: Young Adult Literature
This literature course (required for English Teaching majors and an elective for English majors) focuses on literature written for young adults. We cover a broad range of young adult titles, from S. E. Hinton’s Outsiders to titles that are popular today.