What about prescriptivists?

One student in class this semester has brought up an issue that’s well worth further discussion. Let me quote part of this communication: I …┬áreceive grades from prescriptivist professors, ones who mark “relatable” as being not a word and therefore not appropriate for a paper. Even though I feel solid about the choices I make Read More

On errors and usage, from the teacher’s seat

As we discuss errors and usage each semester, you get to hear a certain perspective from me and from the readings I choose to have you peruse. That perspective is presented honestly, I hope you’ll agree, but it is a bit removed from real teachers in real classrooms. And sometimes I worry that you leave Read More

New Understandings about Errors and Typing

It’s fun for many of us to poke fun at or ridicule some of the errors we encounter, and online media seem to offer an abundance of opportunities to spot these mistakes and look down our noses at the authors. From misspelled words in online comments to errors in tweets, there’s no end of hilarity, Read More