New Understandings about Errors and Typing

It’s fun for many of us to poke fun at or ridicule some of the errors we encounter, and online media seem to offer an abundance of opportunities to spot these mistakes and look down our noses at the authors. From misspelled words in online comments to errors in tweets, there’s no end of hilarity, Read More

New Words Added to OED

The Oxford English Dictionary, one of the most respected lexical collections in the English-speaking world, recently issued an update (they do this monthly, in case you’re interested) describing some of the new words that have been added to the dictionary. You can read about all the additions in the article linked in the previous, sentence, Read More

A Grammar Rant of a Different Stripe

So we’ve talked in class about grammar rants, which most often (today, at least) appear online in blogs or discussion boards or comment streams after articles with errors. Here’s a rant that takes on a different form, but focuses still on some of the same pet peeves that many ranters do. After watching it a Read More