Reading Requirements

You are to read 30 YA books for the course. Fourteen of those have been selected for you; the others you will select on your own. The parameters outlined below will guide your selections. Note that you may kill two or three birds with one text (e.g., John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars qualifies as a romance and as a required author; if you listen to it instead of read it, you can also count it as an audio book). Be sure to keep track of each book that you read as I’ll ask you to make a list at the end of the semester of all the books you’ve read this semester and rank those titles.

Your selections must all follow these general guidelines: (1) the book must clearly be written for and aimed at young adults (ask if you have any questions) and (2) the book must be one that you have not read within the last five years. To help ensure that you cover a broad range of authors and genres, I have additional guidelines you must follow:

  • Read at least one YA book by each of the following authors:
    • Laurie Halse Anderson
    • John Green
    • Walter Dean Myers
    • Sharon Draper
  • Read at least one YA book from each of the following categories:
    • audio book (see the classroom cupboard for some titles and players I can lend out, or use Overdrive from the HBLL at this link)
    • horror/mystery/suspense
    • romance/paranormal romance
    • Printz Award winner or honor book (see for lists of winners and honor books)
    • ALEX Award winner/crossover book (see for titles you can choose from)
  • As part of your keyword study, you and those in your group will choose three books that are related to the keyword and read and discuss those as part of your research.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you are free to fulfill the reading requirement with any YA books of your choice.